Empennage Kit Inbound

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Matthew Runo
Matthew Runo

I'm no longer planning on building my tail kit with Synergy Air. I wish it would have worked out, but I would be due to be there in about two weeks and I still have not even heard from Vans specifically about my kit. The chances of being able to do anything in Oregon mid-August are slim to none, so instead I'm going to do it all here at home. I may try to find someone who has already built a plan to help me - there were two main reasons for wanting to build with Synergy.

One, I have never built anything like this before. EAA supposedly has SportAir workshops in Chino, but they have not had any at all this year. Their online training was due in "Spring 2023" but is yet to be posted here in late summer. Synergy has helped so many people build their kits they'd know what people have trouble with. They'd be there with a helpful eye while I put my kit together. It would be unlikely that I'd make a mistake and have to order more parts.

Two, the entire empennage kit would be assembled in about two weeks. This is a huge time saver - it seems like this kit takes maybe around a year for a lot of people. Because they've done this so many times in the past, and because they help with things like priming, they're able to vastly streamline the build into 10 9-hour days give or take a couple.

Unfortunately, this laser cut issue is hitting right when I was getting started. It has added so much stress and replaced all the excitement with annoyance.

I've been filling my work time with building the various woodworking projects that will be useful when putting the plane together. I hope that the plane has better instructions than some of these projects because I've yet to complete any of them to any reasonable level of quality. That will get expensive fast as I am not willing to tolerate mistakes on the plane and if I dent something it'll mean buying that part again.